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ABDOMEN / Abdomen general   40 / F,  Abdominal mass, history of myomectomy due to uterine leiomyomas
About Author
Authors Sunyoung Lee
Institution Severance Hospital
E-mail carnival0126@gmail.com
About Case
Chief complaint
or Title
Abdominal mass, history of myomectomy due to uterine leiomyomas
Subspecialty ABDOMEN / Abdomen general
Classification Neoplasm, benign / others
Age 40 Sex F
Difficulty For resident
Modality CT
Case Figures
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What is the diagnosis?
Diagnosis Benign metastasizing leimyoma
Benign metastasizing leimyoma 

Benign metastasizing leiomyoma is a rare entity that usually affects women after surgery for leiomyomas.
-accept these lesions as hematogenous metastases from morphologically benign uterine tumors.
-lungs are the most common site of metastatic involvement

Symptoms of pulmonary involvement
-Asymptomatic, chest pain, shortness of breath

-Varies from solitary subcentimetric lesions to multiple lesions
-Cavitation of lesions occasionally takes place 
-Calcification is rare.
-Occasional cases with a miliary pattern/pattern simulating interstitial lung disease
-Usually enhance homogeneously

-valuable for characterizing these tumors
-signal intensity similar to that of smooth muscle at T1- and T2-weighted MR imaging
Keywords Benign metastasizing leimyoma
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Number of Applicants : 33
Correct Answer 27
Dokkyo medical school Arakawa Hiroaki
Biotypos - Greece Ioannis E. Papachristos
Fukuoka University Keisuke Sato
Jichi Medical University Mitsuru Matsuki
Shiga University of Medical Science Ryo Uemura
Osaka Metropolitan University hospital Tatsushi Oura
University of Tokyo Toshihiro Furuta
Kyoto City Hospital Yusuke Utsunomiya
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